History Of The U.P. Sports Hall Of Fame

A sports hall of fame to honor men and women from Michigan's Upper Peninsula was a dream for many years. It had been talked about often in the '50s and '60s.

The U.P. Sportswriters Association, forerunner of the current U.P. Sportswriters and Sportscasters Association, got as far as organizing a committee in 1960 to investigate the project.

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Council Members

Bill Crawford, Sault Ste. Marie

Phil DeGabrielle, Negaunee

Fred DeVuono, Sault Ste. Marie

Jim Dwyer, Sault Ste. Marie

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Executive Director

Cathy Shamion, Ontonagon


Dee Jay Paquette, Munising

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Procedure For Election Of Candidates

1. The secretary will provide all members of the Hall of Fame Council with copies of all nominations at least two weeks prior to the annual selection meeting.

2. No member of the Council shall be permitted to vote for Hall of Fame members by absentee ballot. All ballots must be cast in person at the Hall of Fame election meeting.

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Procedure for Nomination Of Candidates

1. Any person may nominate a candidate for membership into the Upper Peninsula Sports Hall of Fame.

2. Nominations must include a biography of the candidate, i.e., the sports history of the individual in either paragraph or outline form, and supporting data such as newspaper clippings if possible. Letters of recommendation are welcome but not mandatory. Include the nominee's current address, if living, or nearest of kin, if deceased.

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All-time List Of Council & Officers


Executive DirectorPresidentVice President
Jim Trethewey (1972-73)Alan Bovard (1972-73)Tom Pellow (1972-73)
C.V. Money (1974-77)Tom Pellow (1974-75)Ray Crandall (1974-75)
Norman Kukuk (1979-90)Ray Crandall (1976-81)Ron Cooper (1976-81)
Gil Canale (1991-92)Ron Cooper (1982-83)Gene Maki (1982-83)
Bill Houghton (1993-94)Gene Maki (1984-85)Art Allen (1984-85)
Duane Tirschel (1994-07)Art Allen (1986-90)Web Morrison (1986-92)
Denny Chartier (2007-09)Larry Ebsch (1991-92)Larry Rubick (1993-94)
Cathy Shamion (2009- )Malcolm McNeil (1993-94)Bill Givens (1994-97)
Larry Rubick (1994-1997)Nancy Osier (1997- 1999)
Bill Givens (1997-1999)Rod Guizzetti (1999-07)
Nancy Osier (1999-07)Cathy Shamion (2007-09)
Rod Guizzetti (2007-2016)Dave Latva (2009-2016)
Bob Erkkila (2016- )Mike Caruso (2016- )
Gil Heard (1972-92)Gil Canale (1972-93)
Dennis Grall (1992- )Steve Swanson (1993-2014)
Suzanne Sanregret (2014- )


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Silver Sponsors

Bronze Sponsors

  •   Matthew McCarthy, Vulcan
  •   Suzanne and John Sanregret, Hancock

See Sponsorship Opportunities for more information about the various options and benefits of becoming a sponsor.

All sponsorship dollars go to support 16 college scholarships student-athletes from the Upper Peninsula receive.

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Scholarship Program

Beginning with the 2019 recipients, the U.P. Sports Hall of Fame scholarship will be awarded to 2 males and 2 females with each receiving $1000. This is a one-time scholarship and is not renewable.

Student-athletes should talk to their high school principal or athletic director regarding eligibility and the application process.

Show Scholarship Winners

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