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Procedure For Election Of Candidates

1. The secretary will provide all members of the Hall of Fame Council with copies of all nominations at least two weeks prior to the annual selection meeting.

2. No member of the Council shall be permitted to vote for Hall of Fame members by absentee ballot. All ballots must be cast in person at the Hall of Fame election meeting.

3. In making selections, the Council will:

a. Name up to ten persons annually, three of whom shall be from the "Pre-1970" category.

b. Have the prerogative to name one additional inductee annually.

c. Have the prerogative to amend the number of annual inductees.

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4. The Council will be guided by the following restrictions:

a. Athletes must have completed their sports careers at least five years before the date of election.

b. Coaches, promoters and other persons must have been in the profession at least 15 years or be retired.

c. Deceased candidates are exempt from all restrictions.

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