Ironwood Football 1925

Ironwood.....0 Superior.....0
Ironwood....41 Menominee....0
Ironwood....47 Hurley.......0
Ironwood....19 Hancock......0
Ironwood....24 Ashland......0
Ironwood....34 Norway.......0
Ironwood....47 Redford......0
In 1925, Ironwood High School put together one of the most powerful teams in U.P. football history. Led by fullback John Cavosie, the Red Devils went undefeated through six games during their regular season, outscoring their opponents 165 - 0. Cavosie not only led the team in running, but also set a world-record distance with a drop kick of 55 yards. The only blip on their season was a 0 - 0 tie with Superior, Wisconsin. At the end of the season, the State Director of Athletics decid­ed for the first time in several years to invite a U.P. team to come down and play a championship game. It was Ironwood’s first time playing in lower Michigan and its opponent was the much-vaunted Redford High School. The Red Devils were not given much chance in the championship game held on Thanksgiving Day in De­troit. But in the end, another U.P. team proved its worth, defeating Redford by the score, 47-0! Redford simply could not stop Ironwood’s passing game and open style of play.

1925 Ironwood H.S. Football Team

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