Redettes Are Champs!

RedettesFront Row: Karen Levandoski, Cheryl Aho, Janet Hopkins, Shelly Chapman, Caron Krueger.
2nd Row: Kate Jennings. Sue Micklow, Mary Erspamer. Sue Belanger, Kay Levandoski.
3rd Row: Chris Moran, Katie Miller, Lisa Coombs, Cynie Cory. Back Row: Coach Barb Crill.
In 1973, the Michigan High School Athletic Associa­tion sanctioned the first official season for girl's bas­ketball with its own tournament. In truth, schools had been suiting up girl's teams for years but there had never been a state tournament. Ewen-Trout Creek would be the first team from the U.P. to win a title in 1973 but in 1976, the Marquette girl's team accom­plished something that no other team has done before or since; it won the Class A State Championship.

It was no surprise that the team would do so well. They had reached the state semifinal in 1975 against Farmington Our Lady of Mercy. Marquette's coach Barb Crill felt that the team needed to play teams from outside the U.P. and before the 1976 season, she took the team downstate to scrimmage against other Class A teams. This help the team build its confidence and Crill felt that it was a major reason for the team's later success.

RedettesThe team was dominant through the regular season, going undefeated and averaging 80.8 points a game to their opponents' 25.2. Its winning ways contin­ued through the playoffs, defeating Escanaba (71-29), Benton Harbor (64-55), Grand Rapids Union (48-34), Lansing Easter (67-37) and Flushing (62-46) in the semifinal. In a rematch with Farmington Our Lady of Mercy in the final, the Redettes were too much to handle, defeating Mercy by the score of 68-41, fin­ishing a dominant undefeated season.

"We wanted that victory not only for the members of the team, but for our coaches, parents and commu­nity." stated team member Kay Levandoski Angeli. "We were not only a team, but a family. Our coaches made it clear and instilled in us that no individual was a star alone."

Redettes Marquette Senior High School Prin­cipal, Bill Hart and Coach Barb Crill hold the team’s scrapbook. Redettes Front Row: Karen Levandoski All U.P., Cheryl Aho All U.P., Back Row: Caron Krueger All U.P., All State First Team, Shelly Chapman All U.P., Honorable Mention All State, Janet Hopkins All U.P., All State Third Team.

Images courtesy of Marquette Area Public Schools

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